small town christmas tree lighting event in wisconsin

The Idea

My husband and I had recently moved home from being stationed in Fort Wainwright, Alaska with our 7-month-old son. Anybody who actually knows me is laughing right now because I am not the outdoorsy type nor the cold weather type but let me tell you, I AM the SANTA type.  The best thing about Fairbanks, in my opinion, was the North Pole. It was amazing, they had Santa’s house, the Reindeer, Ice sculptures, a boutique with handmade fudge, Sleigh rides, Candy Cane’s lining the streets and SANTA! With that being said when we moved home in November and there was no sign of any of this Christmas Spirit my mom and I decided to see if we could spread some Christmas spirit through our own community.

Creating Memories

JC Celebrations was originally called Operation JC Christmas tree. Last year by the time we actually got permission the have the Tree lighting we had about 2 weeks to put it all together. Memories were made and traditions were started. We changed the name to JC Celebrations since we will be hosting more than just the Tree Lighting Celebration in the future.

Cherished Memories

Growing up in a big family the holidays were one of my favorite times of the year. I remember the Christmas music that my grandpa used to play and the smile that it used to bring to his face. The joy that my grandma used to have re-living all of her memories while putting up her Christmas village and usually super gluing pieces back together because I just couldn’t keep my hands from playing with all of the little pieces. I loved hearing the sound of laughter coming from every room of my grandparent’s house and the smell of my grandma’s ham gravy and baked chocolate pie’s. These are just some of my very own cherished Christmas memories.

Who we are

Lindsey Jo Oldenhoff


Lindsey is the webmaster (so please excuse her mistakes).

Holly Schmidt


Holly is Lindsey’s mom and started JC Celebrations with Lindsey.

Feel the Need to Get Involved…

Since JC Celebrations is just my mom and me, we sure do love help. Whether it’s helping plan an event, wrap present, set-up, clean-up, keeping up with the website or simply posting on social media any and all help is greatly appreciated. Oh, and did I mention that it will make you feel all warm and good inside? and sometimes.. on the really good days, you find your self-geeky smiling without even realizing it. Those days are my favorite!

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