Last minute changes…..

Nothing like some last minutes changes to an event that is happening in 12 days, right? So… My main goal was to raise enough money to have an ice skating rink over the basketball court this year. Well, needless to say, Ice skating rinks are really expensive! So next year my mom and will need to play some mid-year fundraisers in order to make that goal a reality.  So this year we have something extra special planned and we HAD a Santa house donated but that gentlemen recanted but since I already advertised it because I got too excited. This is going to become a reality if I have to build it myself with loose change that I find in my couch or from recycled cans. So that being said, I am always looking for some extra volunteers that are good with their hands to help paint or build or donate materials or just keep us company while I sweet talk my brother-in-law and my dad to actually do all the hard work. Until my next update, Lindsey

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